FDPC – Shooting Venues


MOD Yoxter ranges


FDPC members can shoot at MOD ranges by the club pre-booking only. This means you cannot just turn up and expect to shoot at any other time.


Yoxter ranges are suitable for FB rifle, up to 600 Yds. Because they are on MOD land please ensure you have adaquate ID – at a minimum, bring your membership card, and FAC. Also, please ensure you sign in, and pay the appropriate range fee.


Shooting starts at 08:30, and runs through the day. All shooting on MOD ranges must be supervised by an MOD approved Range Conducting Officer (RCO). For Gallery ranges, the RCO will allocate Butt details, to ensure everyone has a chance to shoot, and assist, when not actually shooting. At Yoxter, there must be a minimum of 5 persons present, including 2 RCO’s. If you want more info on what an RCO does, or would like to become one – contact the Secretary.


Remember – we are only hiring the range. Do not prejudice this arrangement with inappropriate actions or comments !!


Click here for an on-line map to the various ranges at MOD Yoxter.